For Automotive Service Shops

Enhance your shop’s efficiency and foster a positive culture by implementing a smart payment plan that not only incentivizes teamwork but also focuses on maximizing profits. This approach encourages employees to collaborate effectively, aligning their efforts towards common goals.

Course Overview

In this course, discover how a smart payment plan enhances shop efficiency, fosters teamwork, and maximizes profits, aligning efforts towards shared goals.

  • Maximize the profitability of your staff (without micro-managing)
  • Encourage better collaboration and strengthen your working environment
  • Attract more talent by properly incentivizing staff


Following our Incentive Payment Plan course leads to a stronger, more efficient work environment. Most importantly, this streamlined approach directly leads to increased profits. Your shop will not only operate better, but also become more profitable, making it a smart move for your business success.


Rui Martins

Meet Rui Martins, your course instructor with 35 years of expertise in the automotive service industry. His career spans 10 years at the OEM level, 12 years in the aftermarket level, and 13 years consulting shop owners across North America, equipping him with unparalleled insights and practical skills to help your shop succeed.

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