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These two measures, frequently misunderstood, play a crucial role when combined effectively. A deep understanding of how they interact and complement each other can lead to significant improvements in your business’s profitability. By correctly interpreting and applying these measures, you can unlock new levels of efficiency and revenue generation, leading to a dramatic and positive impact on your bottom line.

Course Overview

In this course, you will master the often-misunderstood measures that are key to profitability. We’ll guide you in understanding how these critical elements work together, unlocking efficiency and revenue potential. Through expert insights and practical application, you’ll learn to dramatically enhance your business’s bottom line.

  • Gain practical skills to optimize shop workflow and increase productivity.
  • Learn effective techniques for improving service efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Acquire strategies to enhance overall profitability of your automotive service shop.


This course equips you with the skills to streamline workflows and boost productivity in your automotive service shop. You'll learn how to enhance service efficiency and customer satisfaction, leading to increased overall profitability.

Rui Martins

Meet Rui Martins, your course instructor with 35 years of expertise in the automotive service industry. His career spans 10 years at the OEM level, 12 years in the aftermarket level, and 13 years consulting shop owners across North America, equipping him with unparalleled insights and practical skills to help your shop succeed.

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