For Automotive Service Shops

Professional appointments and reservations are essential in the client servicing process, setting the stage for efficiency. When reservations are expertly managed, advisors can use this time to foster trust through strong relationships, which directly influences your profit and loss statement through billed hours.

Course Overview

In this course, learn how professional reservations enhance client servicing, build trust, and directly impact profits through efficient advisor-client relationships.

  • Master efficient client servicing techniques

  • Develop strong, trust-based client relationships

  • Directly improve your profit margins


Learn to efficiently service clients, build trusting relationships, and enhance your profit margins through effective appointment and reservation management strategies.

  • Understanding importance of a courtesy inspection. How to conduct one that moves you to paid inspections. 
  • Learning how the comprehensive inspection fits into today's model.
  • How to Increase the forward intended loyalty.  
  • How to achieve greater client satisfaction.
  • How to achieve more client referrals.
  • One on One Online Instructor led implementation help

Rui Martins

Meet Rui Martins, your course instructor with 35 years of expertise in the automotive service industry. His career spans 10 years at the OEM level, 12 years in the aftermarket level, and 13 years consulting shop owners across North America, equipping him with unparalleled insights and practical skills to help your shop succeed.

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