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This course teaches a profitable and credible inspection process that can boost labour and parts sales by 20%. It emphasizes the value of courtesy inspections and their effective conversion into paid, complaint-based inspections, ensuring consistency and credibility, even in repeat inspections. The course also focuses on executing an inspection system linked to JD Power results, aimed at increasing customer loyalty, enhancing client satisfaction, and generating more client referrals.

Course Overview

In this course, discover a proven inspection process that not only increases labor and parts sales by 20% but also maintains credibility and consistency. You’ll learn how to effectively perform courtesy and repeat inspections, with strategies that directly link to JD Power results.

  • Increase labour and parts sales by 20%
  • Build a significant backlog of deferred work
  • Boost customer loyalty and referrals


This course offers a triple advantage: a significant 20% boost in sales revenue from labor and parts, enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction aligned with JD Power standards, and an increase in client referrals through credible, customer-focused inspection strategies.

  • Understanding importance of a courtesy inspection. How to conduct one that moves you to paid inspections. 
  • Learning how the comprehensive inspection fits into today's model.
  • How to Increase the forward intended loyalty.  
  • How to achieve greater client satisfaction.
  • How to achieve more client referrals.
  • One on One Online Instructor led implementation help

Rui Martins

Meet Rui Martins, your course instructor with 35 years of expertise in the automotive service industry. His career spans 10 years at the OEM level, 12 years in the aftermarket level, and 13 years consulting shop owners across North America, equipping him with unparalleled insights and practical skills to help your shop succeed.

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